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About Our Pastor

Zanthia Turner

Zanthia Turner was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She is the wife of Overseer Robert E. Turner. She is currently enrolled in ISOM School of Ministry. Zanthia has been given a unique style of ministry for serving the people of God. Given in a vision, a hammer to break the hard places, a nail to pierce the heart, and a sword to kill the enemy.

Zanthia's life challenges from teen to adulthood has given her the understanding of God's love, grace, and daily renewed mercies. She is a living witness that the love of God can turn a mess into a miracle. Therefore, she has committed her life to telling all who will hear "there is hope in Jesus Christ."

Zanthia's Testimony

I understand the road I've chosen to travel has and will cost me much — I have no other choice but to go! Many wonder, I'm sure, if I will make it. Yes, I will, as long as I look to the hills from whence cometh my help. My help comes from the Lord, who is the maker of heaven and earth.

I have positioned myself and I understand the importance of dying daily. After years of not understanding my purpose, I now know that I was saved to serve. Therefore, I open my whole life — "the good, the bad, and the ugly" — that others might come to accept God's grace is sufficient.

II Corinthians 12:9

Saved to Serve!
Zanthia Turner - Senior Pastor

About Our Overseer

Overseer Robert E. Turner

Robert Turner was born and raised in Bessemer, Alabama. He served in the United States Army, graduating from Bessemer Technical College. He is a man of God who treasures the lessons of sanctification from his parents, Deacon Robert and Mother Ester Turner. It was those lessons that allowed him to survive years in bondage to alcohol and drugs. His belief is "Jesus Is The Way." When asked how he overcame the addiction of drugs and alcohol. He replied, "I Went to the Altar."

Overseer Robert knows firsthand that God is a God of another chance. He uses his special gift to empower men, young and old, for the sole purpose of building the Kingdom of God.

The Blessing

Apostle L. L. Williams

As the palaces and pyramids were being made, the stones that were used to construct them were pulled from the rock quarries. The brick masons sculpted them to be a perfect fit in the palace right there in the quarry.

My sister, you have been through the trials of life for a reason, because as God has placed you as a stone in the building of God, you have been shaped and molded to fit perfectly. As you are fitted, there is no need to put a tool to you to reshape, remold, or to force you to fit.

You have been crafted the way God desires you to be (1Kings 6:7). It is a blessing and a privilege to see the righteousness of God inherit the wealth of the wicked.

You have just begun to receive what has already been laid up for you. Because of all the shaken you had to endure, you have shaken those things loose from you. Remember, they have just begun, now you must wait for the overflow!

Apostle L. L. Williams